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Prime Circle 'Doors'

It has been a whirlwind year for Director Ryan Kruger.

Ryan was nominated 9 times in 5 categories at the Short & Sweet Video Awards and walked away with 2 wins for Best Rock Video, Prime Circle 'Doors' & Best EDM, Good Luck 'Trickery'.

Ryan then went on to win Best Music Video of the Year at the SAMA’s for Prime Circle’s 'Doors' video' featured here.

The concept for the clip is based on one of Kruger’s favourite ‘70s films 'Capricorn One' and really pushed the boundaries for local music videos with a movie-scale story line and highly cinematic visuals. “I like to incorporate local stories into international concepts. I feel like there are so many talented filmmakers in this country who just stick to what sells easily in the local market. Why can’t we make movies about South African astronauts travelling to Mars?”

But there’s still a lot to do this year. Kruger is now expanding his expertise and is branching into TVC’s, branded content and has an exciting script in development that will hopefully lead to his breakthrough debut feature film. “Music videos will always stay a passion of mine, so I’ll of course continue to do that as well!” says Kruger.

“It feels amazing to receive recognition for something I’m so passionate about.

I really want to create videos of international quality and set the standards high. I feel honored to receive all these awards, it must mean I’m doing something right.”

Ryan is the owner of production company 'Enigma Ace Films'.

Moving from strength to strength, Annie's Wardrobe Rentals is proud to collaborate with this wiz kid!

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